Our philosophy

At True Organic of Sweden we source the best, certified organic and natural ingredients we can find. Our goal is to make natural skincare products that have as few ingredients in them as possible and still deliver amazing results.

What you put on your skin will eventually wind up in your bloodstream. When you use organic skin care you are working with natural ingredients that will work harmoniously in synergy with the sophisticated natural systems of your skin. It’s our belief that when choosing True Organic Of Sweden’s skincare you are investing in your skin, your family and the environment.

Our Ingredients

People & Planet Friendly Products

We’re not just concerned with our product on the inside being kind to our planet and people, our packaging for All You Need Is Me is too – it’s made from sugarcane!

It may look like and perform like a standard plastic tube… but the packaging for All You Need Is Me is produced from material based on 100% renewable resources! We are excited to be skincare industry pioneers by using this unique packaging.

Both the tube and the closure are environmentally compatible for our world.

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Press and People feedback

  • As a breast cancer patient in remission I have tried many different ‘natural’ deodorants over the years. I was recently introduced to Undercover Agent and love it (and so does my daughter). It’s non sticky, has a subtle fragrance and does a good job with just one application – whether I’m at work all day or working out at the gym.

    Sally, Henley on Thames

  • I have never come across anything like All You Need Is Me. The whole family use it for everything from soothing scrapes to reducing age spots. Brilliant!

    Kate C. Lewes. UK

  • Mama-Blogg Frida Fahrman, "All you need is me - And I can only agree! A new favourite with me is this all-in-one cream, it works on dry hands, split ends, cuticles, yes on most and is the best all-purpose cream.

    Frida Fahrman, Mama (Swedish Edition translation)

  • Love this! thank you for making a deodorant that keeps me dry and is natural. It works much better than many of the leading brands, thay have loads of perfume but still cant keep me fresh

    Sofia K. Sweden

  • The new Swedish product All you need is me a natural alternative to the classical Eight hour cream from Elizabeth Arden... Did I hear hurray!?

    Women's Health (Swedish Edition translation)

  • All you need is me "This all in one-cream is Swedish, organic, without nasty ingredients and very soothing to put on. Good!

    Aftonbladet Wellness (Swedish Edition translation)

  • Have tried so many different deodorants, all with their own problems. Most common one, they contain aluminum chloride, proven to cause cancer. This is the first deodorant without aluminum chloride that I have tried that doesn’t cause my pits to stink, and/or get really irritated and red. I will never use another deodorant

    Tommy A. Sweden