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    Totally lives up to its name

    My Weekly

    All you need is me

  • Wonder balm…this fabulous beauty balm has incredible , long lasting skin perfecting , soothing, healing and softening properties

    Antonia - www.thecosmediccoach.com

    All you need is me

  • Aftonbladet Wellness

    This all in one-cream is Swedish, organic, without nasty ingredients and very soothing to put on. Good!

    Aftonbladet Wellness

    All you need is me

  • I am living at Dominican Republic, the sun is very strong and I wear SPF during the day and I swim for exercise, at night I apply True Organic it lightens sun spots and keeps my skin soft and fresh. I am also very allergic and I have no reactions, I love it. Thank you so much for approaching me for trial, it is really fantastic I highly recommend

    Elodia F. Sweden

    All you need is me

  • Women's Health

    The new Swedish product All you need is me a natural alternative to the classical Eight hour cream from Elizabeth Arden... Did I hear hurray!?

    Women's Health

    All you need is me

  • Sofia K. Sweden

    Love this! Thank you for making a deodorant that keeps me dry and is natural. It works much better than many of the leading brands, thay have loads of perfume but still cant keep me fresh

    Sofia K. Sweden

    Undercover Agent

  • LindaLovesORGANIC

    New! Multitasker from TRUE ORGANICS OF SWEDEN "All you need is me" is a multifunctional dream product that is just as high-efficient one wished oneself was…


    All you need is me

  • This versatile all-purpose balm is an organic alternative to Arden’s Eight Hour Cream. With ingredients such as Blueberry oil and Vitamin E it reverses the dryness in the skin, especially during cold weather. I use it on everything from chapped lips to rough heels, even as an eye brow fix, to give glow on my cheekbones and to tame split hair ends.

    Make it last

    All you need is me

  • Amelia Vänta barn

    Your new best friend. All-purpose cream comparable to the classic Eight hour cream, but containing only natural ingredients. Does it get better? Works on anything from dry lips to sore nipples and red baby-buttocks

    Amelia Vänta barn

    All you need is me

  • Rebecca S. Sweden

    Very good deodorant. Feels really smooth and keeps me fresh all day

    Rebecca S. Sweden

    Undercover Agent

  • Wow! This organic cream that soothes, softens and heals hopeless skin with natural ingredients. I want to have it in my purse, drawer, bathroom cabinet and on my nightstand.

    Tara, No. 14

    All you need is me

  • Frida Fahrman, Mama

    All you need is me - And I can only agree! A new favourite with me is this all-in-one cream, it works on dry hands, split ends, cuticles, yes on most and is the best all-purpose cream

    Frida Fahrman, Mama

    All you need is me

  • Have tried so many different deodorants, all with their own problems. Most common one, they contain aluminum chloride, proven to cause cancer.
    This is the first deodorant without aluminum chloride that I have tried that doesn’t cause my pits to stink, and/or get really irritated and red.
    I will never use another deodorant.

    Tommy A. Sweden

    Undercover Agent

  • Metro Mode

    Winter balm. Swedish True organic of Sweden has made an organic version of Elisabeth Arden's classic Eight hour cream. A multi balm with organic oils, unscented and is as suitable for cuticles as your lips

    Metro Mode

    All you need is me

  • The best natural, non-harmful antiperspirant deodorant
    I’ve tried most natural deodorants available on the Swedish market, and the results have been varying: short-lasting functions, odor coming from my body after just an hour, unsatisfactory designs with a dosage that gives either too much or too little etc. Although when I tried undercover agent I finally had that feeling of freshness that a deodorant should give. It truly works and I love the fact that it’s so natural and organic. I feel great using it and would recommend it to anyone that can afford it!

    Gustav R. Sweden

    Undercover Agent

  • With True Organic of Sweden's skincare line All You Need Is Me, de Sousa and her team are showing the market that sometimes simplicity is the best way to go and when it comes to products that are good for you in every single aspect, it doesn't get any better than this

    SCAN Magazine

    All you need is me

  • Kate C. Lewes. UK

    I have never come across anything like All I Need is You.
    The whole family use it for everything from soothing scrapes to reducing age spots. Brilliant!

    Kate C. Lewes. UK

    All you need is me

  • I live in the U.S and I have this cream shipped to me because it\’s so good. My skin is extremely dry, especially in the winter, and this cream works for any part of the body: face, lips, hands! I even put it on the cheeks of my 2 year old daughter – it does wonders in just hours! I have not found any equivalence to this cream here in the U.S and will continue to order it online. I can truly, from the bottom of my heart, recommend this cream to men, women, young and old


    All you need is me